Carnival Cruise

16 Reasons Why 20-Somethings Should Go On A Cruise

June 02, 2015

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A Taste of Koko

Looking for a quick getaway where everything is taken care of and your only job is to relax? Book your next vacay on a cruise ship and get ready for a whole lotta fun! Waterparks, mini golf, casinos, night clubs, all-you-can-eat fine dining, boozy drinks, 24/7 room service, and rooftop pools are all included onboard. Travel to different destinations, and go on a couple of shore excursions (you might even cross off a couple of bucket list items). Bon voyage!

16 Reasons Why 20-Somethings Should Go On A Cruise

1. All-Inclusive

Carnival Cruise

Everything you could possibly need for a vacation is bundled into one fare, and depending on the cruise line, prices can start as low as $200 per person, per night. You don’t need to book a hotel, airfare, gas/transportation, pay for meals, or entertainment.On school break? Opt for the shoulder period that is right before the summer and then again right before the fall. Because many schools are in session during these times, there are fewer kiddos and their families onboard, which means cruise prices are generally lower.


2. All-You-Can-Eat Food Porn

Food Carnival Cruise

The buffet that is served daily, or you can enjoy a cornucopia of different cuisines in the fine dining rooms. Spicy alligator fritters, grilled red snapper fillet, escargot in garlic butter, prime rib of american beef au jus, braised lamb shank in red burgundy gravy, and broiled Maine lobster with jumbo black tiger shrimp. All unlimited. Get ready for beast mode.


3. Endless Onboard Activities

Mini Golf Carnival Cruise

Waterpark, casino, swimming pools, jacuzzis, basketball courts, comedy clubs, mini golf, ping pong, shuffleboard, bars, gyms, spas – cruise ships today offer absolutely everything you could possibly want or need on-board. You definitely won’t be lacking for things to do in the middle of the ocean!


4. Ultimate Relaxation

Carnival Cruise

Imagine yourself lounging on the top deck, icy cocktail in hand, gliding effortlessly through the open ocean with a 360° front seat view.


5. Destination Hopping


There’s no faster or cheaper way to visit multiple islands and other incredible destinations. Just pack your suitcase once, and you’ll see the world’s most beautiful destinations in a matter of days. One day Cozumel in Mexico, and next day, Belize in the Caribbean!


6. Wake Up To Spectacular Views

Belize Carnival Cruise

With panoramic ocean views 24/7, sunrises and sunsets are stunning. Waking up to the turquoise waters of Belize is unreal!


7. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

No need to get out of bed in the morning. Order your breakfast the night before with your friendly cabin steward, room service is available 24/7.


8. Sea Day Brunch

Carnival Cruise Brunch

Start your days with steak & eggs, grilled salmon, huevos rancheros, fruit loop French toast, fried chicken mac-n-cheese, and more!


9. Bucket List-worthy Shore Excursions

Scuba Diving Mahogany Bay

Swim with stingrays and sharks, ride through the ocean on a underwater motor scooter, soar through the canopy on zipline, gallop across the shores of the Caribbean Sea on horseback, or scuba dive over the world famous barrier reef (I crossed that one off my bucket list!).


10. Meet New Friends

Carnival Cruise Drinks

I met so many different people from lounging in the pools, eating in the dining rooms, and from shore excursions. People from Lithuania, Bangkok, Italy (Captain Carlos on the Carnival Magic!), and Austin.


11. 24/7 Pizza

Proscuitto Pizza

No iffy pizza chain quality here. Only thin crust, gooey cheese, and freshly made sauces and toppings. Everything from the classic margherita to arugula and prosciutto pizza – hot from the oven every single hour.


12. Disconnect (if you want to)

Carnival Cruise

Before you say, “What?! NO WAY!” …when was the last time you sat through an entire meal without checking your phone? The emails and texts can wait. Power off, and enjoy the vacation you paid for to get away from all that. Sorry boss, didn’t receive your message! P.S. There is Wi-Fi on cruise lines but it’ll cost extra.


13. Wining And Dining On The High Seas

Champagne Cheese Carnival Cruise

Depending on the cruise line, you can even bring your favorite bottle onboard. Cheers to that!


14. Movies Under The Stars

Movies Under The Stars

No admission needed, and you can bring all the food you want without having to smuggle it under your jacket. Take a dip in the pool, or come in your bathrobe and snuggle in the loungers.


15. Foodies Haven

Steakhouse Carnival Cruise

Lobster Carnival Cruise

Cruise ships now come packed with specialty restaurants that feature international dishes, celebrity chefs, and intimate venues with innovative menus. The grilled lamb chops, ahi tuna tartare, and broiled lobster tail were delicious (and beautifully plated!) at Carnival’s Steakhouse.


16. Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate buffet with chocolate almond cake, pear chocolate cake, orange chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate chip madeleines, almond biscotti, chocolate covered donuts, chocolate covered chocolate cake balls, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and more. Indulge to your hearts’ content.

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