Food Photo Friday: Man Bites Dog

July 15, 2011

There’s no way you can go through summer without eating a hot dog or two. And I’m not talking an $80 hot dog that’s covered truffle oil, porcini dust, white truffle shavings, crème fraiche, caviar and fresh roe from The Brockton Rox. Have yourself a good ol’ classic dog that’s maybe dressed up a bit. 
My Big Fat Greek Dog.

Merguez lamb sausage with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, diced onions, olives, cucumbers and feta cheese.
Hello greek explosion in my mouth!

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Jane Ko is the founder and editor in chef of the food blog, A Taste of Koko. She is a blogger, food photographer, social media ninja, pastry chef, recipe tester, and brand developer. Currently resides in Austin, Texas with her Maltese puppy, Basil.


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