17 Must Eat Foods At Christmas Markets In Germany

Erfurt alone has 17 Christmas Markets with one of the 3 top Christmas Markets in the world, the Erfurt Christmas Market.

Over 2 million people visited Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt this year – the market is 160 years old that started in 1840 and has 200 booths.

Erfurt Christmas Market is open from the end of November to end of December. Here’s everything that we ate at the Christmas Markets in Germany!

The number one thing you have to eat at the Christmas Markets, especially if you’re in Thuringia are the Thuringian sausages. Just remember – only mustard, no ketchup.


Chocolate covered fruit doesn’t sound very German but these are popular during the Christmas Market season.


Kürtőskalács (also known as chimney cake) caught my eye at our first Christmas Market in Weimar and I had to eat it. It’s a Hungarian pastry coated with cinnamon sugar.


Knoblauchbrot is German garlic bread that’s pan fried in butter (a lot of butter) and then smeared with a generous topping of sour cream.


I call these German chocolate bonbons – it has a marshmallow/meringue center that’s coated with chocolate. Comes in different flavors like vanilla, coffee, rum, stracciatella, and more.


You have to have stollen at the German Christmas Markets. It’s a dense, fruit Christmas cake that can be savory (with olives) or sweet (dried fruit and nuts).


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