Backyard Dinner Party & Wine Tasting With Firstleaf Wine Club

It’s officially fall which means cooler weather and backyard dinner parties!

We are wine drinkers but we have friends that are avid wine drinkers and are very particular on their varietals and blends so I thought it would be fun to try out Firstleaf and do a wine tasting.

I dread standing in the wine aisle at the grocery store surrounded by reds, white, and sparkling. So having Firstleaf send a box of six different bottles of wine, this was perfect!

We are familiar with wine clubs and know how expensive they can get so when I first opened up Firstleaf, I was very surprised by that you can get 6 bottles (award winning bottles) for less than $50!

Firstleaf starts with a quiz that asks you different questions so they can learn what you like and don’t like to create a taste profile on you to curate wine selections based on your answers.

Here is the selection Firstleaf curated for me – I love Rosé and Chardonnay but I never know from which regions are best.

Firstleaf samples 10,000 wines A YEAR – and only 2% make it in the wine club. I love that they thoroughly explain each bottle!

Firstleaf helps save you up to 60% off retail prices by eliminating the middleman and working directly with some of the world’s foremost wine producers

The Firstleaf box of wine came very quickly – it’s complimentary shipping on your first order and all 12 bottle orders ($29.90 value)!

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