Olive & June, desserts, Austin, Texas


10 Dishes You Need To Be Eating // Backspace, Olive & June, The Carillon

May 17, 2013

Olive & June, desserts, Austin, Texas

Backspace, Pizza, dessert, salad, Austin, TexasThe Carillon, Austin, Texas,

1. Buttermilk panna cotta, blueberry thyme compote, almond soil, thyme crema, blueberry glass, hyssop with blueberry sorbeto. // Olive and June
2. Citrus torta, blackberry ginger marmelata, biscoto crumble, poached blackberry, meringue, torn mint, limoncello sorbeto. // Olive and June
3. Farm greens with giardiniera, red onion, herbs and pecorino romano. Flavorful salad without any dressing // Backspace
4. Spicy cauliflower, capers, calabrese with lemon // Backspace
5. Bianca pizza with arugula, mozzarella  ricotta and pecorino romano. By far the best pizza that I’ve had in Austin. The sourdough crust is light and crispy with a chewy bite // Backspace
6. Hazelnut chocolate budino with homemade toffee & caramelized banana with salted caramel pudding // Backspace
7. Ahi Poke with soy, ginger, avocado and sesame lavash crackers. 80 steps to make this masterpiece // The Carillon
8. Miso marinated mero with maitake mushrooms, wilted spinach with a carrot ginger reduction. // Read more on my visit to The Carillon
9. Kale salad with pickled beets, bacon powder, caraway and walnut pesto // The Carillon
10. Caraibe terrine with white chocolate custard, chocolate crumbs, candied hazelnuts and raspberry coulis // The Carillon


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