Product Spotlight: Blue Bell Krazy Kookie Dough

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“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.” Don Kardong

Blue Bell Krazy Cookie Dough

Blue Bell is a popular ice cream brand located in Brenham, Texas that is sold all over the United States.

We proudly make Blue Bell Ice Cream the old-fashioned, traditional way, so it tastes just like it was hand-cranked. 

As you’d expect, we use the finest milk, cream, sugar and other
ingredients money can buy. Then, we mix in our secret homemade recipe.

They have a variety of flavors including the classics such as Vanilla Bean, The Great Divide, Butter Pecan, and many others.

Blue Bell is starting off the new year with a new flavor called Krazy Kookie Dough. 

The description says “Our flavorful Cake Batter Ice Cream loaded with sugar cookie dough pieces in bright shades of green, blue and pink.”

The ice cream comes in a light yellow packaging decorated with pink, green, pink and blue polkadots (see picture on right), which match the cookie dough on the inside. The packaging definitely caught my eye in the freezer section at the grocery store.

Krazy Kookie Dough is a gold rim ice cream and so far, only comes in pint size.

What is the difference between gold rims and brown rims?

The rim colors represent is a pricing system.

The gold rim flavors comprise many of the standard flavors such as Homemade Vanilla, Cookies ‘n Cream and Dutch Chocolate. These flavors have high quality ingredients and therefore the price of these flavors is set accordingly.

The brown rim represents some of the flavors that have the same high quality ingredients as the gold rim, however they may have a greater quantity of ingredients or the cost of the ingredients may be higher.

This is what it looks like after I took the lid off. I did have the ice cream out for about 10 minutes during the photoshoot before this picture, which is why it looks a little melted/foamy.

My thoughts: The base flavor does taste like cake batter but the light neon yellow is a bit unsettling. The same goes for the cookie dough bits which are bright neon pink, green and blue. But nevertheless the color are fun especially for the kids. I’m not too fond of the cookie dough, I found it to be chalky and floury but then again, I’m not a fan of raw cookie dough.

Krazy Kookie Dough is a fun, colorful ice cream that will brighten up kids and adult alike! 

Disclaimer: The Blue Bell Ice Cream was purchased by A Taste of Koko. No special compensation was received for this review. All opinions and photographs are copyrighted by ATasteOfKoko.

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  • Yum, I LOVE ice cream. I haven't heard of Krazy Kookie – but it looks quite divine and delicious!

  • I had Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream for the first time today and am sad that it has not appeared in Lake Charles, LA. It was good. I love the yellow ice cream. It isn't even as fluorescent as a yellow cake, so how can it be so unsettling? You've seen yellow cake, haven't you?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where the Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream is sold? I have looked everywhere for it!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • You can also find it at HEB or Walmart

  • Anonymous

    I used to eat a pint of this tri weekly when I was bulimic 🙁 So good, just so bad…

  • This ice cream is awesome! So mad that they don't sell it at the store I used to buy it from anymore. Best ice cream ever!

  • Anonymous

    KRAZY KOOKIE DOUHG tastes like whit sprinkeled with too much sugar. Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    It's my new favorite ice cream and I bought it from Krogers. I have always like cake batter and cookie dough so this is a perfect match for me

  • Anonymous

    Blue Bell is only sold in these areas not throughout the US

  • This is like my fav ice cream ever

  • Anonymous

    This is currently my fav blue bell flavor! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Krazy Kookie Dough by Blue Bell is my FAVORITE ice cream, but I can no longer find it in the Memphia area? Was is just a limited edition flavor??

  • Cannot find krazy kookie dough in Baton Rouge, La. If u do they only have one!! Hard to find!! Can u tell me who stocks it at all times?? Thank you