Product Spotlight: Little Soya soy sauce + giveaway

October 17, 2012

Little Soya soy sauce

Little Soya 

Premium gluten-free soy sauceSoy sauce in little fish packaging is one of the most ingenious things I’ve seen recently. Little Soya is the best-tasting, less sodium and gluten-free gourmet soy sauce in the world. The unique shape, cute look and economical fish container lets you take soy saue when you’re “on the go”. I typically find soy sauce in general to be too salty and overwhelming. With the help of various executive chefs, Little Soya has refined their taste, and developed a smooth and slightly sweet unique flavored soy sauce. Little Soya has 45% less sodium when compared to the leading brand in the market.

soy sauce fish packaging
Little Soya has changed the way America thinks about soy sauce by creating a gluten-free product! Each batch that Little Soya produces is tested twice by separate labs to ensure the results are accurate. Those with gluten sensitivities can carry these cute fishies in their bag and be ready for spontaneous sushi happy hours!
sushi seaweed cutting board rice
I’m a huge fan of simple meals and easy snacks. This sushi literally takes less than 5 minutes to make. How you ask? The trick is seasoned seaweed sheets (nori) with salt and sesame oil. It goes great with leftover Asian rice. If you buy the large sheets, I recommend cutting them into smaller rectangles. I had some packs of snack size seaweed sheets, added rice, and rolled them up. Tastes delicious with a dab of wasabi and soy sauce. 
Little Soya soy sauce
Love the packaging! I’ll be keeping some in my office for sushi breaks.
squeezing little soya soy sauceseaweed rice wasabi
I took Little Soya with me to a local sushi restaurant in Austin to try it with authentic sushi and taste test the difference between the leading brand soy sauce. Thankfully I didn’t get any strange looks with a pile of fish containers on my table. The restaurant’s soy sauce was a lot saltier and had a slight tang whereas Little Soy was more of a caramelized sweet flavor. 

Little Soya giveaway 

little soya giveaway packaging
The folks are Little Soya have graciously sponsored 6 packs of Little Soya fishes to giveaway to my readers.

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Disclaimer: This product spotlight is sponsored by Little Soya. All opinions are 100% honest and true!


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