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March 18, 2012

Go Team Pho


is a group of friends based out of Austin, Texas who love to eat the Vietnamese dish Phở. It inspires them to draw the whimsical designs that are the focus of their character based t-shirts. They are a small Illustrative Design Collaborative who produces work under the name TeamPho. TeamPho enjoys character design based art among other forms and are currently working on a line of plush toys, that they will soon announce.

We recently started designing our own shirts because we felt it was another medium we could use to display artwork. I got really excited after discovering I Am The Trend and watching shirt reviews, so I ran the idea by the crew and we jumped right into it. After a bunch of trial and errors we feel that we are on the right track with quality and are currently working on more designs for shirts we will release in the near future. We don’t want to take too much time in between shirt releases, because we’ve got so many ideas for new shirts. But we can only release designs steadily if we continue to sell shirts! That said we’re not in this to make big money, we’re just in this to make shirts we like and that we want to wear ourselves.

I love it that TeamPho took in attention on creating tag-less shirts. There’s nothing more irritating than a scratchy tag on your back. Each shirt has a stamped logo with the brand logo, shirt material and size.

All shirts come packaged in a plastic shirt bag and a TeamPho sales tag that they designed.

The first thing I noticed when I tried on the shirts is that they are incredibly soft. Forget about those free shirts that you get at events that are thin, itchy and oversized.

TeamPho shirts are with American Apparel, which means they are super soft and fitted!

TeamPho currently has three shirt designs. Tim, the founder of TeamPho, originally provided me with images from their website but after I got the shirts in the mail, I couldn’t resist but do a little photoshoot of my own.
Go Team Pho Hungry Penguin

Hungry Penguin

Have you ever seen a penguin eating rice? You have now!

For more information on the Hungry Penguin shirt, visit

Go Team Pho Nerd Rhino

Nerd Rhino

Nerd Rhino is ready to conquer the world with his calculator, but first he has to pass his algebra test.

For more information on the Nerd Rhino shirt, visit

Go Team Pho Souper Monkey

Souper Monkey

Souper Monkey got a little bit excited when he was eating his Phở.

Souper Monkey inspired me to visit a local noodle shop for lunch. I would have put the noodles on my head like he did but I’m sure they would have kicked me out…

The Souper Monkey shirt is my favorite of the three. I love quarter sleeve shirts because I get cold easily. The shirt is nicely fitted and so soft that you can sleep with it.

For more information on the Souper Monkey shirt, visit

Go Team Pho giving away a shirt from each design to three lucky readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: GoTeamPho is sponsoring this giveaway. No compensation was given for this write up. All photographs are copyrighted by Jane Ko Photography.


Jane Ko is the founder and editor in chef of the food blog, A Taste of Koko. She is a blogger, food photographer, social media ninja, pastry chef, recipe tester, and brand developer. Currently resides in Austin, Texas with her Maltese puppy, Basil.


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