7 Things I Learned From Prevention Magazine’s R3 Summit

November 06, 2014

Barre 3

1. 15 minutes of pilates really kicks your butt.

Even just a 10-minute barre workout can give you a toned lower body. By combining the toning of yoga, the corseting power of Pilates, and the benefits of ballet barre work, say goodbye to lower back pain. (Hanging out with SushiGirlATX and ThePetiteProfessional!)


Prevention Magazine R3 Summit

2. Happiness is beautiful.

“Happiness is not necessarily getting everything you want. It’s enjoying the little things in life… I can do cartwheels. And I can do handstands! I couldn’t do that two years ago.” – Andie MacDowell on loving her age at 56 (and she looks amazing!).


R3 Summit

3. Meditation can do wonders for the brain.

“20 minutes of meditation, three days a week, repairs inflammation in the brain.” – @kaplanclinic



— Prevention Magazine (@PreventionMag) October 18, 2014


4. It’s not okay to be tired.

“60% of women feel exhausted all the time and are just existing vs. living,” says Holly Phillips, MD. “2 week challenge: Sleep 8 h a night, do something physical for 30 m every day, and don’t eat anything in a box.”  


Sonya Cote



5. Eating clean is really about your behavior.

“Eating clean means cooking clean. That means sourcing clean and knowing the farmers.” – Sonya Cote  


Prevention Magazine R3 Summit

6. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard.

Replacing white rice white whole grains and superfoods like quinoa are little steps towards a healthier diet. 


   Henna Tattoos

7. Henna tattoos are really cool

I may have gone overboard..  

Henna tattoo-ed ✌️ A photo posted by Jane Ko (@atasteofkoko) on


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