Chisos Grill at Hill Country Galleria

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Chisos Grill

the Southwestern Grill located in the Hill Country Galleria, has introduced a $10 weekday lunch special in order to provide value, variety and ease for diners on the go. With its range of business and shopping clientele, Owner/Operator Chad Jones saw the need for a quick yet substantial menu option that would encourage return visits, whether dining in or carry out. The lunch specials are available Monday-Friday from 11:00am-3:00pm.

Chisos Grill has created 10 different entrée lunch combinations. A sampling of items includes: Grilled salmon salad; Southwest fried chicken salad; Chicken fried chicken or steak; Poblano peppers stuffed with either beef & sausage or vegetarian; Roasted poblano queso & four pepper salsa; Pulled pork sandwich and a Mesquite grilled chicken sandwich. (Full menu below)

All entrée salads are served with a cup of tortilla soup. Entrees and sandwiches are served with either a small Alpine salad or a cup of tortilla soup. All specials come with iced tea or soft drink.

“We designed the lunch special menu to include a range of healthy options, savory plates and a few of our Southwestern signature items,” said Jones. “The ability to get in and out with a freshly prepared meal for just $10 has been a huge success.”

My mom and I had the privilege to try out Chisos Grill’s amazing a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time out to Hill Country Galleria and we loved it!

Presidio Tostadas

Presidio Tostadas.
Savory roasted pulled pork topped with apple bacon slaw and chipotle aioli.

flash fried calamari steaks

Flash Fried Calamari Steaks. 
Love this! It also comes with flash fried jalapenos and flash fried lemons, which are amazing.

queso and chips

Roasted Poblano and Pulled Pork Queso.
Served with tortilla chips.

Chad's Lobster Bisque

Chad’s Lobster Bisque.
My mom and I both loved it. I knew it had to be good if Chad named the bisque after himself. It’s super creamy and comes with large chunks of real lobster.

Southwest Fried Chicken Salad

Southwest Fried Chicken Salad.
Served with honey mustard, pico de gallo, bacon, cheddar, grape tomatoes, black beans, corn, and cojita cheese. Another one of my favorites! If you get the lunch combo, it comes with tortilla soup.

Mesquite Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Mesquite Grilled Atlantic Salmon with your choice of sides.

seafood combo basket

Seafood Combo Basket.
3 shrimp, 3 oysters, and 1 catfish fillet with red chile tarter, and jalapeno cocktail sauce. Lightly breaded with cornmeal and buttermilk. Comes with sweet potato fries. I’m biggest the sucker for fried oysters!

cheesecake candied black walnuts

Cheesecake with candied black walnuts and warm caramel.
Smooth and creamy goodness.

Chisos Grill
1291 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite D2-130
Bee Cave, TX 78738
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  • Hello dear! I loved your blog and I intend to return often! We invite you to visit my!
    hugs val from Brasil !

  • Great blog post Jane. Loved the photos and Chad's lobster bisque and the calamari sound delightful. We went by the Galleria and saw this place, but didn't stop in. After reading your post, we'll have to make it a point to check it out. Hope to get to know one another. We're always looking for quality guest bloggers on the Austinot. We've had over 100,000 pageviews since this March alone. Obviously you've got chops. Would be interested in hearing from you. Regardless, keep up the good work Jane, we like what we see!

  • The food looks great! I'm definitely gonna have to check it out!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Would you like a $5 off coupon? I can mail it to you!

    • That would be great! Thank you so much!

    • Sandra,

      Shoot me an email with your address so I can mail it out to you!

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