Ghirardelli SQUARES chocolate

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Ghirardelli wants you to enjoy the finer pleasures in life. Pleasured squares they mean, through their high quality delicious, slow melting chocolate.

I’ve always been a fan of Ghirardelli. Their individually packaged chocolates are perfect to enjoy at home or on the go. I always have a couple stashed in my purse! And their baking chocolate is great for making desserts such as cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Click here to view my opinion on the LUXE MILK chocolate collection. 

Ghirardelli SQUARES chocolate is the perfect balance of rich chocolate and luscious fillings. LUXE MILK chocolate collection is the only milk chocolate made from 100% all natural ingredients. They hand pick the finest cocoa beans and blend them with whole milk, real cocoa butter and natural vanilla to create a rich and creamy milk chocolate experience like no other. With the Intense Dark collection, Ghirardelli delivers the most intense chocolate experience by selecting the best ingredients to create our exclusive bean blends.

Ghirardelli is doing a 15 city My Pleasure Squared sampling tour through March.

They will be handing out free samples of intense, slow-melting SQUARES chocolates nationwide.

You can check out the interactive map on the Ghirardelli microsite to see when and where they will be in a city near you.

Share Your Pleasure.
Ghirardelli wants to know how Ghirardelli SQUARES chocolate makes everyday pleasures more pleasurable. And by sharing, you can win a trip to San Francisco, a years supply of chocolate and other prizes!

Ghirardelli has selected A Taste of Koko as an official ‘Sweet Site‘ and has been featured on the Ghirardelli website.

To celebrate this honor, I will be giving away one bar of Ghirardelli chocolate! UPDATE: Ghirardelli is sponsoring this giveaway! They have generously offered a Ghirardelli chocolate gift basket so in total, there will be two prizes!

Ghirardelli chocolate giveaway. [UPDATE]
How to enter

  • Leave a comment on the post. Which Ghirardelli chocolate is your favorite? 
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To enter, do any/or all of the following. Each counts as one entry. Thus the more entry options you do, the greater chance of winning! Please leave you email so I can get in contact with you. This giveaway is open worldwide and winners will be chosen by the Random number generator. The winner within 48 hours. This giveaway will end at midnight on March 31, 2011.

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen. Check out the giveaway page for more information.

If you can’t wait for this giveaway, go ahead and indulge yourself with Ghirardelli SQUARES chocolate with this $1 off coupon.

  • Heidi

    Dark chocolate raspberry is my favorite!

  • Lauren J.

    Caramel filled
    Classic :)

  • A little bit of everything

    Dark Chocolate with White Mint filling is my favorite

  • A little bit of everything

    Following you on twitter and just tweet @gringarl

  • Dhruti

    Caramel filled is my favorite!

    dhruti517 at gmail dot com

  • Dhruti

    gfc follower!

    dhruti517 at gmail dot com

  • Farah

    the raspberry filled dark chocolate one is my favourite!

  • Rai

    Caramel Filling fo sho

  • lynne


  • Adriana

    the caramel filled one is to die for!

  • Adriana

    the caramel filled one is to die for!

  • Paola

    Caramel all the way!

  • kellirc

    Milk chocolate with caramel.

  • megan @ whatmegansmaking

    I actually love their bittersweet chocolate chips!

  • Anonymous

    I'm not terribly fond of chocolate bars with liquid-y fillings, but I do like their dark chocolate with sea salt.


  • Anita Bartlett

    Milk Chocolate Caramel!

  • Klee

    I seriously love their 60% baking chips and use them in all my baking. I just made chocolate gelato with these two nights ago.

  • Klee

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  • Space Monkey 1138

    I like the caramel filled one.

  • Ashley Mackay

    I am definitely a minty girl! Dark chocolate with mint center. Oh boy!

  • Tanya (a Taste of T)

    I love the milk and caramel ones. Oh my goodness…so delicious!

  • Michele

    The dark chocolate raspberry is my fave.

  • georgette

    my fav is mint-filled!! yummy!!

  • Lou

    I love their bittersweet baking bars.

  • Meryl

    Their 60% bittersweet and semi-sweet baking bars are excellent – I use them in all my baked goods, ganaches, ice cream, etc. I also love their chocolate chips.

  • Alexandra

    The 60% cacoa square, so luxe! Sometimes a piece of good quality chocolate is all you need.

  • Pam

    My favorite is the dark chocolate kind! 60% is so good. MMM!

  • April

    My favorite? How can I choose?! They're all delicious!

  • shrlala


  • Danielle

    Pure dark chocolate. Unadulterated :)

  • CloudySunday

    ghirardelli limited edition peppermint bark ! [:

  • Sata

    Definitely caramel filled!

  • tiffie

    Dark chocolate w/ caramel filling.

  • ironchefman

    I like their classic 72% dark cacao bars. Pure chocolate goodness!

  • Jenny

    I love the midnight dark chocolate bars.

  • Kim

    caramel all the way!

  • Jessie

    Simple dark.

  • Elana

    milk chocolate caramel filled!!!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely they milk chocolate caramel!


  • Elice

    lovvve the raspberry with the dark chocolate :) usually not my thing, but ghirardelli only does things right.

  • Lou

    Love their dark chocolate, especially melted with cream to make a ganache!

  • Meryl

    I love their bittersweet chocolate and chocolate chips.

  • Erin from Long Island

    choc + pb of course!

  • Erin from Long Island

    Follow with gfc

  • Erin from Long Island
  • Erin from Long Island

    Fan of A Taste of Koko on Facebook.
    erin neu

  • Erin from Long Island

    Fan of Ghirardelli on Facebook.
    erin neu

  • Alex

    dark chocolate raspberry

  • justine

    I love the bittersweet chips … use them all the time in baking!

  • Andrew’s Mom

    Caramel filled squares and their milk chocolate baking bars – yummy!

  • justine

    fan of Ghiradelli on FB!

  • Melanie

    Caramel Filled!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Fan if Ghirardelli on Facebook.

  • Melanie

    Fan A Taste of Koko on Facebook.

  • Amanda

    Really doesn't get much better than dark chocolate with white mint filling :)

  • Anonymous

    Dark choclate w/raspberry filling

  • DaniD

    Love Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling!

  • DaniD

    Fan of Ghiradelli on Facebook!

  • Muri

    My favorite is absolutely Intense Dark Midnight Reverie. I can't get enough of the sweet/bitter taste in my mouth. Very nice, especially with a cappuccino!

  • Samantha Long

    caramel filled chocolate squares!

  • samantha Long first comment i put my email as my url…

    im a fan on facebook!

  • samantha Long

    im a fan of ghirardelli on facebook!

  • gogogoogle

    i love all of ghiradelli's dark chocolate!

  • Suzanne

    milk chocolate caramel filled squares are my fav!

  • Kristina

    I love the dark chocolate with nothing else in it. Just amazing dark chocolate.

  • Andrea

    Dark Chocolate!! MMM :)

  • Leon McIntyre

    Delicious dark chocolate!

  • thisoldbroad

    Carmel filled. I'm a huge milk chocolate fan.

  • B. Wilson

    Squares with caramel

  • Peachykeen

    Dark Chocolate Orange

  • Angelica

    Caramel filled is the best!!
    logans_momma09 at yahoo dot com

  • vwestermeyer

    dark chocolate with mint

  • Gina

    My favorite is the dark chocolate squares
    Gchord88 at aol dot com

  • Gina

    I like you on facebook (Gina R)
    Gchord88 at aol dot com

  • Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion)

    My favorite is definitely caramel… yummy!

    lagringa_009 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion)

    I'm following you via twitter!

    lagringa_009 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • sandyandcosmo

    The caramel filled chocolate is my favorite!

  • Shelley

    The chocolates with caramel is one of my favorites!

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  • Shelley

    Follow on twitter and tweeted:!/charmedlifeblog/status/52489751206428672

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  • Shelley

    Included giveaway in my blogpost:

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  • Sarah

    I love the dark chocolate.

    chickenpouf AT gmail DOT com

  • Sarah

    I follow on GFC.

    chickenpouf AT gmail DOT com

  • Magpie Shinies

    dark chocolate!

  • ladydi115

    I love the Dark chocolate raspberry. yum.

  • dowhatyoulove

    Oh my goodness, what better giveaway than chocolate?? I love all of their chocolates, but dark is one of my favorites!


  • Marlis

    i never met a piece of Ghiradelli I didn't like but if you make me choose it's dark.

  • Marlis

    Liked you on facebook:)

  • Ashley @ Bride on a Budget

    I love their white chocolate chips.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is the milk chocolate with caramel. (:

  • Anonymous

    I am following you on Twitter and I retweeted. (: @whyhellochello

  • Anonymous

    I am a fan of A Taste of Koko on Facebook. (:

  • Anonymous

    I am a fan of Ghirardelli on Facebook. (:

  • jackie

    my favorite is the dark and raspberry

  • jackie

    following via GFC

    jackie at myperfectlittleworldblog dot com

  • Rachel

    I love the caramel filled squares. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Melissa @IWasBornToCook


  • Anonymous

    Dark chocolate with mint!

    catharine.ellie [at]

  • lilDdownunder

    I love Ghirardelli's chocolate with peanut butter filling…when we go to San Francisco we always have to stop in to the store for a free sample and a sundae and the last time we went they had added a chocolate and peanut butter sundae…it was amazing!

  • Legally Married

    Oooh….the caramel is WONDERFUL! Love it!


  • Jacqueline

    dark choc with raspberry=heaven

  • Jacqueline

    i follow via gfc

  • Erica

    Ghirardelli Intense Dark 72% cacao is hands down my favorite of all their varieties.

    jalapeno714 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Shooting Stars Mag

    caramel filled chocolate. sooo good.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  • Polkaostrich

    I like the caramel filled chocolate

  • Ramblings of a Part time Druid

    I love the spiced almond one that was a limited edition a couple years ago.. but i love the milk chocolate ones..

  • Marija

    My favorite is the milk and caramel chocolate squares!

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  • Marija

    following you via GFC

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  • Cor

    i had a pumpkin caramel last fall that was ridiculously wonderful.

  • Julia

    I love the Twilight Delight 72% Cacao!!

  • Megan

    Caramel filled – yum!

  • CB

    I love the bittersweet chips (use them for all my baking) and the darkest bars I can find! Mmm…

  • Melody

    I like Luxe Milk Almond


  • Melody

    GFC follower.


  • Shaina

    I love milk chocolate with caramel mmmmm….

  • Anonymous

    Milk chocolate with caramel is SO tasty, but the squares tend to fracture in my purse, so I also go through a good deal of white chocolate with vanilla. :)

    Can I just say I LOVE the portion control that the squares give me??

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Sara

    I love the intense dark twilight delite 72%! saragayer at msn dot com

  • T @ The Happy Clipper

    love the luxe milk almond!

  • T @ The Happy Clipper

    gfc follower

  • T @ The Happy Clipper

    facebook fan of A Taste of Koko

  • T @ The Happy Clipper

    Ghirardelli facebook fan

  • Kristen

    I like the LUXE MILK Toffee.

  • Kristen

    I follow on GFC.

  • Tina

    I like the dark chocolate raspberry

  • Tina

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  • Tina

    follow you on facebook

  • April

    I love the dark chocolate :]